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2024 MCIM Global Benchmarking Report - Diesel Generators


Leveraging Diesel Generator Benchmarking Data for Operational Excellence in Mission Critical Facilities


The 2024 MCIM Global Benchmarking Report - Diesel Generators delivers insights into the performance of diesel generators, essential for mission-critical facility operations. It empowers stakeholders across the board—from executives to operations managers to finance professionals—with data-driven guidance for strategic decisions.

The report underlines the key role of benchmarking in forecasting generator performance and informs maintenance and capital planning to boost reliability, reduce costs, and maintain a competitive stance. It also provides finance and procurement experts with robust data for savvy capital allocation, generator selection, and supplier negotiations, ultimately enhancing operational longevity and organizational resilience. 

This sharing of knowledge across roles is pivotal for bolstering the performance and cost-effectiveness of mission-critical power systems, fostering a landscape of strategic excellence.


This report's findings highlight significant disparities in diesel generator performance across different manufacturers, based on a study of over 2,200 generators in 47 countries. Key findings include:

  • Early failures may not be a bad sign: The generator that failed the earliest was also the top performing manufacturer for the least Failures Per Generator and longest MTBF.
  • Late failures may only be the beginning: The generator that failed latest in its lifecycle was also the manufacturer with the most Failures Per Generator as well as the longest MTBR and MTTR.
  • Not all failures are created equal: While all manufacturers had generators fail at some point in their useful life, some consistently failed more critically than others, creating greater risk of downtime and operational inefficiencies.

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